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Owner-Tenant Policy

If you are renting a residential or commercial property you must complete the following to start services:

  • Provide a signed lease in your name with the property owner
  • Pay a deposit on your utility account: Residential: $75.00 Commercial: $100.00
  • Sign a service agreement with Stratmoor Hills Water and Sanitation Districts

Owners are entitled to and will receive a duplicate copy of any tenant invoice each month. Owners may opt to receive monthly and/or shut off notice.

Note: If the applicant is renting, a deposit will be required, as set from time to time by the Board of Directors, and the deposit will be held by the Districts and will be applied to the applicants’ final bill upon discontinuance of service. If there is a refund due the applicant will be mailed a refund check to their forwarding address. The Districts may at any time, at its sole discretion, apply the deposit to amounts owed by the customer. The District may thereafter require the customer to pay an additional deposit and may withhold service until same is paid. The deposit is to accompany submission of this agreement by customer before service will be started.