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Where Your Water Comes From

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We receive approximately 650 acre feet (195,510,600 gallons) of water from the Fountain Valley Authority’s (FVA) Water Treatment Plant annually.

This water is brought over from the Western Slope through a series of tunnels and aqueducts to the Arkansas River drainage and delivered to the Pueblo Reservoir where the FVA pumps it to its treatment plant at the Ray Nixon Power Plant which is located just south of The City of Fountain.

The Water District also has 2 wells, which have the capability of pumping over 1,000 gallons per minute each, which are used to supplement the FVA water during high demand periods. The District owns and operates 3 storage tanks including the water tower located in Stratmoor Hills which was erected in 1957.

Our water quality meets all of the Colorado Health Department and EPA Drinking Water Regulations. We take bacteriological samples at more than 7 sites throughout the District each month and we do chlorine analysis daily to ensure the proper disinfection of the drinking water.

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