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Sewer Backup

If you are experiencing a sewer backup, please
contact the main office @ 719-576-0311.


What Is a Sewer Backup?: Your home has incoming water lines and outgoing sewer lines… The sewer, or wastewater, lines need to move the used water from your washing machine, tub, shower, toilets and sinks away from your home. When the waste line gets blocked or breached, water will back up into your home.

Warning Signs of a Sewage Backup

  • Sewage-Like Odors Coming from The Drain. The purpose of your drains is to transport wastewater away and outside of your house.
  • Bubbling Drains or Toilets.
  • Slow Draining in Multiple Fixtures.
  • Clogs in Multiple Drains at Once.
  • Sewage Coming Out of a Cleanout Pipe

Preventing a Sewer Backup

There are a few preventative measure homeowners can take for sewer backup prevention.

  1. Maintain your sewer lateral.
  2. Dispose of grease properly.
  3. Dispose of paper products properly.
  4. Consider plastic piping.
  5. Correct illegal plumbing connections.
  6. Consider a backwater prevention valve
House with below ground sewer pipes